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Talking Pictures: Rail

Our Talking Pictures series, in collaboration with the BFI, is about screening film old and new and facilitating discussion around it. This session focused on how rail has been represented in British filmmaking through the ages. We showcased material from the rich archive of British Transport Films (the film unit of British Rail when it was a nationalised body), which is preserved by the BFI alongside contemporary films from EVCOM member film companies The Edge Picture Company and Pukka Films. The discussion looked at changing attitudes, techniques, approaches and public responses to rail, and will be facilitated by Steve Foxon, Curator of Non-Fiction at the BFI National Archive. Everyone was encouraged to join in the conversation which continued after the event at the pub around the corner.

Panellists: Alex Green (Network Rail), Paul Katis (Pukka Films), Nick Canner (The Edge Picture Company), Patrick Russell (BFI National Archive) and Steve Foxon (BFI National Archive).

This event was free to attend for EVCOM members.

This film was created by filmmaker and FOCUS Award shortlistee Montel Vernege.

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