Social Media During Social Distancing

May 28, 2020 social media
Social media is imperative to the way we communicate as businesses and individuals, the way we market events and share films. But for the first time, for many, social media is now the only way people can communicate, not just with clients and customers, but with friends, family and internal teams. What is this teaching us about social media and communication via social media? How can we genuinely keep in contact with the people who are important to us and our businesses? And as everyone turns to Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter or TikTok), how can we keep our social media content engaging and creative?

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Panelists: Jemma Peers (Top Banana), David Glenwright (JC Social Media) and Katie Morhen (52eight3 PR). This discussion was facilitated by Charlotte Gentry (Pure Comms Group).

Part of EVCOM Sessions: The Virtual Programme