Life After Crisis: Mental Health and Wellbeing

May 21, 2020
The current crisis is having huge impacts, both from a business perspective and on a personal level, on our wellbeing and mental health. How can we come out of this with strength and confidence? The mental health stresses that we will be dealing with on our return to work may well be very different to those we were dealing with during the lockdown period. How can we give each other the space and time to readjust to whatever recovery looks like?

Panelists Gavin Percy (Balancing Edges and EventWell), Colin Bullen (Change Craft) and James Hunter (Hawthorn), will be discussing mental health, self-confidence and how we can cope with what’s coming, in a discussion facilitated by Mark Maher (Boulevard Events and EventWell).

This session is a joint session between the EVCOM programme and EventWell.

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