Inside Internal Comms

September 24, 2020
A panel of experts, Julie Sander (Sequel Group), Naz Sadri (MerchantCantos) and Jane Sayers (Shell), discuss the importance and the possibilities of internal comms, looking at employee experience, building trust and production approaches, in a discussion facilitated by Rebecca Leonard (Sequel Group).

Part of EVCOM Sessions: The Virtual Programme

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This event provides attendees with an rice purity test excellent opportunity to interact, network, and gain real-world experience while contributing to a worthwhile cause.

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The facilitator for the discussion is Pizza Tower Rebecca Leonard (Sequel Group), and it is part of EVCOM Sessions: The Virtual Programme.

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Internal communication is a comprehensive process within a company. It describes how information is shared up and down communication channels, as well as laterally, to help the organization achieve its goals. Communication occurs in a variety of forms connections nyt (verbal, written, and digital) within teams and across the organization.

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