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How to Have Better Ideas: A Trailer

August 08, 2023 creativity, masterclass, workshop
‘How to Have Better Ideas’ is a three and a half hour afternoon masterclass designed by creative thinker Richard Holman to energise, inspire and education professional creative teams. It’s an uplifting blend of inspirational stories, skills based training and rewarding individual and team exercises, all with a common theme of creativity. The aim is to enable everyone attending to realise their full creative potential.

The longer we work in a creative field the more rigid our thinking can become. We accumulate assumptions about process, we’re pushed towards the conventions of our medium and it can get harder to have original ideas.

In this mind opening masterclass Richard overturns some of the most common misconceptions about the creative process to reveal simple techniques for arriving at original, compelling & effective ideas.

Expect drug taking dolphins, an agoraphobic traveller and an iconoclastic nun.

When: 28/09/2023, 2pm-6pm
Where: Here @ 56 Greek Street, London

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