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EVCOMference: What does workplace practice and culture look like now, and has it improved?

October 06, 2021
Senior women from the film, event and the experiential space discuss work practice and culture and how this has changed for all, with a particular perspective on how it has impacted women. Does the future look bright or will there be a whole new raft of issues to navigate? Martin Fullard will facilitate the panel discussion and, as a father to two young children himself, will be able to add his own perspective.
Jane Sayers, Head of Film, Content Engine, Shell Plc Karen Kadin, Managing Director/Partner, Brands at Work Emily Clements, Head of Film, Radley Yeldar Nicola Handley, Team Lead, Barclays UK Facilitator: Martin Fullard, Editor, Conference News

Sponsored by Richmond Events and Hire Frequencies

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The panel discussion featuring senior women from the film, event, and experiential space promises an insightful exploration of evolving work practices and cultures. Delving into the impact on women, it presents a crucial dialogue on the industry's metamorphosis. With Martin Fullard steering the conversation and providing a unique parental perspective, the session becomes even more comprehensive. As professionals navigate these changes, the discourse may offer valuable insights for those seeking help with project management assignment, bridging theory with real-world dynamics. The future trajectory remains uncertain, but such discussions pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive professional landscape.

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As we explore how the film, event, and experiential space have evolved and affected women, we can outline key findings and recommendations for the future. The report can highlight the perspectives shared by Jane Sayers, Karen Kadin, Emily Clements, and Nicola Handley, shedding light on challenges faced and improvements made. With Martin Fullard's unique perspective as a father, the report can address work-life balance and gender equality. Sponsored by Richmond Events and Hire Frequencies, the proposal report writingwill offer valuable insights into creating inclusive and progressive work environments. you can use proposal report writing for detailed overview or writing this problem so it will be written solve properly

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